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Mindfulness Through Nature Journalling: Printable Workbook

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Mindfulness Through Nature Journalling: Printable Workbook

Workbook and course cover image.png
Workbook and course cover image.png

Mindfulness Through Nature Journalling: Printable Workbook

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From the author: "Mindfulness is the art of living fully in the present moment - to observe things as they are - without ruminating on yesterdays or worrying about imagined tomorrows. A nature journalling practice has not just given me the opportunity to slow down and observe nature in the present moment, but has allowed me a renewed sense of wonder and appreciation of our natural world - and, as a part of that world, a greater sense of compassion and love towards myself. It has allowed me to practice my drawing, develop my practice as an artist, and explore the written word. I have learned much about myself, and continue to do so."

Nature journalling is so much more than a documentation of the plants and animals we see: it is a practice of self-learning, self-love, and a connectedness with nature. This 34 page workbook is broken into four modules, each of which is designed to take a week but can, of course, be done at your own speed. Each module has exercises that explore the module's focus.

This workbook is perfect for you if:

  • you have a love and fascination for the natural world as a child, but feel that the day-to-day of adult life hasn't allowed you to spend much time in nature.
  • you want some time to 'switch off' and disconnect from technology.
  • you want to learn more about yourself and the world around you.
  • you want to explore a mindfulness practice (or build on your current practice) for your mental and emotional wellness

Can't draw? There are some short exercises in the book to help you get more comfortable with drawing, and tasks are split into writing and drawing. 


  • A brief introduction, and some drawing exercises.
  • A beginning written reflection exercise.
  • Practice the art of observation through simple writing and drawing exercises. Begin to slow down and notice the world around you.


  • A writing / drawing exercise to encourage your sense of wonder and ability to ask questions.
  • Space to explore answers to some of those questions.


  • Taking a field trip to immerse yourself and develop a strong connection to a specific place.
  • Writing and drawing exercises that encourage a deeper learning about this place.
  • A personal reflection exercise.


  • Looking beyond observation to symbolism and pattern, with a template to design your own mandala.
  • A collage / mixed-media exercise to help you explore creative art-making.
  • A brief haiku prompt.
  • A final reflection exercise.

This product is the PDF printable workbook only. Sign up for the eCourse to be supported by the videos and bonus resources, and the online community based on Facebook to share in the journey of fellow participants.

How it works:

  • After purchase, you will get an email with a link to download the workbook (give it a few minutes to arrive, and make sure you check your Spam / Junk folder if it's not there - note that you have 24 hours to download the product before the link expires).
  • It can be printed double- or single-sided on A4 paper. If you intend to use paint I recommend at least 110gsm (preferably 160gsm). 
  • After printing, the worksheets can be kept in a clear-file or ring-binder, or you can get it spiral-bound at your local printer.
  • This workbook is for personal use only. Files and designs may not be resold or redistributed, though you are welcome to re-print it for yourself as many times as you like.
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